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albes leather istanbul 01Albes leather was founded in 1980 and was engaged in commercial importing, exporting and marketing and manufactures several types of leather products in our environmentally friendly and efficient leather plant with an interior of 15,500 sqm is located in the district of Tuzla in Istanbul. At Albes Leather we manufacture cost efficient leather products with high-speed automatic production lines, which is of benefit to our client base, in meeting delivery targets. With our modern processes of production, we have succeeded in becoming more competitive than our major rivals in Turkey. Our performance has been rewarded by the increase in the number of satisfied customers due to our product quality and logistical performance and because of our belief in unconditionally meeting our customers specifications, which is reflected in our rate of growth in this field.
albes-leather-07Permanent process control and development are a logical consequence of our approach to quality, and we also apply this approach to environmental protection as practiced within our company.

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